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At Sip and Enjoy, we specialize in sourcing the finest Australian Brands and a handful of Imported Non Alcoholic Drinks.

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Non-Alcoholic Wines

A Drink for any Occassion and Seasons. Sourcing the finest Australian and Imported Wines - 0.0% to <0.5%ABV Wines.

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Non-Alcoholic Beers

A Beer not to be Wasted. No Compromise. 0.00% - <0.5% ABV

Healthy Drinks

Time to calm our inner functionality. Adaptogenic to Nootropics and Approved Leaves.

Sip and Enjoy Non Alcoholic Drinks Store, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067

Melbourne's 1st Non Alc Store

Owner & Founder: Van nguyen

A store dedicated to Non Alcoholic Drinks.

Best part, it's in Abbotsford.

Stop by and Grab a Drink before a Footy Game or a Picnic and event.

Next to Victoria Park train Station, Brodriggy, The Beef Barber Shop, Kelso Sandwiches, Dutch Vinyl Record store and last but not least the funky awesome Wedding Chapel - Alter Electric.

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What is Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

FAQ's Non-Alcoholic Drinks

What are Good Non Alcoholic Drinks?

Good non-alcoholic drinks are relative since they depend on your preference. A wide selection of good non-alcoholic beverages is available, from wine to RTDs.

What is Non Alcoholic Wine?

According to The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, non alcoholic wine, also called zero alcohol wine, 0% alcohol and alcohol-free wine, refers to a range of wines that don’t contain any quantifiable alcohol.

Traditionally this term covers beverages produced without fermentation, but these terms are now also commonly used to describe wine that has been de-alcoholised.

Non-alcoholic wine or alcohol-removed wine often contains a residual 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) or less, which is around the same amount of alcohol as fruit juice or a ripe banana.

Low Alcohol Wine The Food Standards Code states that 'Low Alcohol Wine' refers to wine that contains less than 1.15% ABV.

The Food Standards Code expressly restricts claims related to low alcohol to this defined limit. At Sans Drinks all of our low alcohol wines contain 0.5% or less ABV, the only exception to this is the Monceau Kombucha which contains less than 1.15% due to the natural fermentation process. Does Non Alcoholic Wine have less calories?
Answer is Yes. Non-alcoholic wine contains around a third to half the calories of standard wine. According to the Food Standards Nutrition, Health and Related Claims, a beverage must contain 80 kJ/100 mL (19KCals) or less, to be sold as “low calorie”.

At Sip & Enjoy, we resource the finest wines with the minimal calories. As we are mindful of health and wellbeing. Is Non Alcoholic Wine low in sugar? Answer is Yes. In general non alcoholic wine may have more sugar than alcoholic wine, however, the overall sugar level is low and for the most part sees non alcoholic wines of all types come in at less than 4g of sugar per 100ml and at or below that 20calories per 100m mark. According to Food Standards, beverages labeled ‘low sugar’ must not contain more than 2.5g/100 ml. Does non-alcoholic wine taste the same as alcoholic wine? Answer is No. The potential for non-alcoholic wine is overshadowed by the fact that they miss the mark in terms of flavour.

To Find out more Click here.What is Non Alcoholic Wine

What is 0.0% and 0.5% ABV

According to VIC Food Standard 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) is the standard baseline to be labelled 'alcohol free' or 'non-alcoholic'.

If a brand indicates 0.0% , there should be no process of fermentation.

If a brand indicates <0.5%, the product has gone through a normal process of making a normal alcoholic beverage.
The alcohol is burnt off and goes through a numerous process to have next to nothing of alcohol concentration.

Eg: A banana, vanilla essence extract, bread (yeast).

These above examples are products that contains somewhat fermentation and alcohol content, but less than <0.5%

How to Enjoy Red Wine

When it comes to Non Alcoholic Red Wine, it is Complex.
There is many things to take into consideration.
Yes - Aerate the wine for a Good 1 hour

Yes - It's all about the taste and flavour

If your a Pinot Noir Drinker, Go for a Shiraz or even a Merlot. Why? It's about the flavour.
When flavour is developed over time,all things taste better.

'All about the flavour and taste'.

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