An Alcohol-free life

An Alcohol-free life

An alcohol-free life

In an Australian Women's Health story published this week, Rachael of Inspired to Change Alcohol Coach shared her experience and, commenting on the rise in people choosing to quit drinking. 

Within the last 3 years there has been a growth in the alcohol-free drinks market , popularity of sober communities and the rise of new social spaces.

The trend towards low and no alcohol here is being lead by younger Aussies, with DrinkWise reporting . 

Six out of ten alcohol drinkers aged 18 to 24 years old are looking to cut down their intake. This correlates to younger drinkers (18 to 44) being twice as likely to consume lower and zero alcohol* alternatives than those aged 45 and over.

The Expert Says:


'The more people are learning about the impact of drinking is having... the more they're deciding they no longer want a drink' 

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