Healthy Alternative - Tonics and Teas

Healthy Alternative - AF, No/Low Sugar, Low Calorie & Hydration Drinks

What are the healthy choices that can be enjoyed?  

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives. Alcohol-free. Zero or Low Sugar, Low Cal are an obvious suggestion.

  • Alcohol-free drinks are particularly useful for those looking to wean themselves from regular drinking, as they offer something very similar to the real thing and serve as a smoother transition away from regular alcoholic drinks.
    Example, if you’re the type of person that enjoys a drink at a certain time of day; maybe with your dinner, or when you arrive home from work, an alcohol-free alternative serves as a healthier substitute for this habitual behaviour. 
  • No Sugar or Low Sugar drinks hydrate you without the extra sweetness.
    As per Better Health Victoria - 'A ‘moderate’ intake of refined sugar can be an acceptable part of a healthy diet. Experts define a moderate intake as about 10 per cent of the total energy intake per day'. 
  • Hydration drinks - We all know Water is a vital nutrient and it's great. But, Hey, we have some alternative to Spice it up.  

As we change, adapt our drinking habits for health conscious, growing a family, recovering from a accident/injuries/addition or an alternative choice, Sip & Enjoy have put together a range of Alternative Drinks. 

Naked Life - Non Alcoholic Spritz. No Sugar. No Artificial.
From $4.50 - $14.99(4pk)

Available from Wednesday 13th October,2021
Cocktails are lovingly crafted with distilled botanicals to ensure you can enjoy the moment with the best tasting cocktails that are free from alcohol, sugar, and very low in calories. 
Cheers to the moment!

Available flavours: Yuzu, Virgin Margarita, Wimbledon- English Spritz.

Product of Australia - Melbourne, Victoria.



O Sun Sparkling - Beautiful Hydration. 
From $5.95
Sugar Free. Botanically Infused. Positively Charged.

Available flavours: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Palo Santo Water

Product of Australia. Geelong - Victoria.


                          OSun Sparkling

Hilbilby Cultured Food - Fire Tonic.
  From $15.95

Fire Tonic™ takes that ancient cure and adds its big anti-inflammatories, plus gut-loving prebiotics. That means it’s packed with tiny plant fibres: food for your good bacteria. The Western diet, full of sugar and additives, tends to help out the bad guys far too much. Taken regularly, Fire Tonic™ gives the good bacteria what it needs to reinforce a healthy balance.

Product of Australia. Torquay, VIC.



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