How to Introduce Non - Alcoholic to Restaurants

As a Melbournian, Foodie and Owner, I am forever, looking for an alternative and exploring Bars and Restaurants. 

We all know Food and Drinks goes together, like chalk and cheese. 

It's great to have a Mocktail list, but, c'mon, there is more than that. A Wine, A Beer, A Tea Tonic. 

With the Non Alc industry growing rapidly, individuals are looking for alternative choices at Bars and Restaurant. 

And Yes, understand it's not easy for Bars and Restaurant owners to Pick and Choose what type of Non - Alc Drinks to offer. 

For those who have made the movement, Good on You!

For those still looking and searching, Tipple Zero and Dry But Wet Amy Armstrong have got you covered.
Tipplezero - A Passionista in the Non Alc Space and Dry But Wet Founder - Non Alcoholic Drink Expert  have got you covered.

Check out below podcast!

Good Reasons:

1) Not Everyone Drinks : Pregnant Woman, Designated Driver, Graduates, Sobrieties, Health Conscious Consumers. 

2) Alternative to Alcohol: 

3) Tea is the 'NEW' Tonic: 
Yes it is!  One of the underdogs! By far, great alternative. 
Tea Tonic goes very well with Food. 
One of my first experience was at a Turkish Restaurant - the drinks menu had NON Alternative. With a savoury cuisine, the NON was such a companion. Hand in Hand! 

4) Give your customers what the want. Customers, is essentially your number one organic feedback. After all, we are dinning and consuming food. 

 Melbourne Venues on Board:
Brunswick Aces Bar - Bar, Brunswick
Chin Chin - Restaurant, Melbourne CBD
The Lincoln -  Pub/Bar,Carlton 
The Station Hotel - Pub, Footscray
Victoria Hotel Footscray - Pub, Footscray
Yagiz Turkish Cuisine - Dining, South Yarra
Grossi Florentino  - Fine Dining, Melbourne CBD
The Duke of Wellington - Melbourne CBD
The Local Port Melbourne  - Pub, Port Melbourne


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