My Pregnancy Journey with Aquamumma. My Drinks My Way.

During my first pregnancy , I was always on the go. 

My day would start at 5:30am and finish at 4pm.

Owning a cafe in prime location of Melbourne CBD, it was always hustle and bustle. Meet and Greet, serving coffee and food to my loyal customers. There was not a dull moment. 

Given my busy day and carrying my 1st child, I would not have thought, I needed an extra kick of energy. 

I rarely consumed soft drinks or commercial electrolyte drinks. 

I had come across a brand called - Aquamamma, at one of the pregnancy expo's.

At first, my thoughts were: 'Awesome Name. Wonder if it tastes like normal electrolyte drinks. Hrmmm, let's see what flavours they have.'

The taste was light, not like cordial or hydralyte tablets. Minimal and came in a bottle form.

Before you know it, I had jump on board and subscribed for 6 months throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

I can definitely say,  my Aquamamma journey, has provided me with nutrients that I needed for myself and child. It kept me Hydrated, whenever, I needed that pick me up. 

With that being said, I am honoured to have Aquamamma Cans to be part of Sip & Enjoy Product range. 

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Product of Australia. 

Aquamamma Hydration Cans 2pk $7.50  
Flavours: Mixberry, Coconut, Orange 

Aquamumma Hydration Cans 12pk  $44.99
Hydration Pack - 3 flavours - 4pk
Flavours: Mixberry, Coconut, Orange 




I also have a range of Mum2be, Pre or Post Pregnancy Bundle Packs available.

Note: Pregnancy Bundle can be enjoyed during Pregnancy and Post. For mum's who are breastfeeding.

Mum 2 Be Zero Alcohol Pack $44.99
Zeo Sugar. Zero Alcohol. 

Pre or Post Pregnancy Bundle Pack $70.99
Pregnancy, Breastfeeding Friendly drinks.