Alison Lasek Astrology : Living a Life That's Truly Your Own

Alison Lasek Astrology : Living a Life That's Truly Your Own

Meet Alison Lasek , the Astrologist! 

I met Alison in the early days of when Sip & Enjoy was just starting its journey. She is an amazing, down to earth and humble Melbournian.


Let's tune in.... 
Hi, it's so nice to be featured on the Sip & Enjoy blog! I'm Alison Lasek, a sober astrologer who lives in the Melbourne CBD and spends a lot of time gazing upwards.

My heart was telling me to stop drinking for a while - or at least to have a break - but there was always a reason to carry on as usual: Friday night with the girls, Christmas, a wedding, a weeknight on the couch...

Eventually, I listened. I followed my intuition over what I should-do. I quit drinking in a culture and environment that's soaked with booze. And that started a chain reaction that changed the direction of my life.

Until this point, I'd been focused on a career as a marketer and communicator. But then astrology started calling my name big time. I was ready to expand and turn my growing interest into a new business. 
It's rapidly taken off and I'm now the resident astrologer for Broadsheet with a monthly horoscope column and doing regular events and readings.  

I'm a huge advocate of following your heart into uncharted territories and living a life that's your own. Not what others expect of you, or what you're conditioned to want by society a.k.a. keeping up with the Joneses. Astrology can support with this. So can non-alcoholic drinks for that matter!

The birth chart is a tool for understanding the ways we're unique, accepting all parts of ourselves, working with our strengths and seeing our challenges as life lessons and meaningful growth opportunities. I love sharing this ancient wisdom with others. In particular my sober and sober curious community. Visit my website if you're interested in connecting for a personal reading. 

My Non-Alc Recommendations 
There is nothing better than exploring the variety of new products coming onto the market. I'm not someone to choose a favourite and then stick with it. That said, a couple of stand-out drinks for me are:
Etch Sparkling - All Flavours - delicious sparkling water infused with complex native botanicals. Sugar-free so perfect as a regular treat. 

Smug AF Margarita - for those moments when you really don't want to feel like you're missing out, the SMUG ladies have come through with an alcohol-free cocktail that tastes like the real thing. 

Astrology Workshops 
These are always so much fun! Back in September, I ran a workshop on the Big Three - the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs - at Sip and Enjoy, combining non-alc wines and astrology. It was a match written in the stars! We had such a friendly group who got to learn more about themselves and connect with others over a tasty wine and their birth chart. We will definitely do this again in the future. If you're keen to get involved in the next one, stay in touch via Instagram or jump on my mailing list to be the first in the know. 
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