Asahi Brewers Revolutionizing -  Alcohol Free Industry

Asahi Brewers Revolutionizing - Alcohol Free Industry

The revolution of Non Alcoholic Beer is happening.

The Japanese entered the Non Alcoholic Market a decade ago, with many consumer's in Japan, looking for a better & healthier option.

According to,' Japan’s nonalcoholic beverage market has grown 15% from 2020, with a record 40 million cases sold in 2021, according to estimates by beverage maker Suntory. This marks the seventh straight year of expansion, with the market expected to increase even further in 2022 to 41.71 million cases, marking a 4% year-on-year rise.'

Asahi is well recognised for it's Super Dry Taste 'to the world', but now alcohol Free.

Asahi introduced Zero , a few years ago to the Australian Market. It's a Hit! 

Asahi’s Master Brewers have combined pioneering Japanese brewing techniques with the finest barley, maize, hops, and yeast available.

The base recipe of Asahi Super Dry is taken through a process of de-alcoholization to create the finished beer at 0.0% ABV, delivering a super-premium alcohol-free beer that matches the promise of the original to go Beyond Expected.

This promise brought about the creation of the world’s first super-dry alcohol-free beer, inspiring beer drinkers to step outside their norm and discover a true taste of modern Japan by blending tradition and innovation.


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