Behind the Scenes with the Founders of Non Alcoholic Spirits

Behind the Scenes with the Founders of Non Alcoholic Spirits

Free Spirits, is the game changer in the Non Alcoholic Category. 

Taking by storm, creators of The award winning Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirit, launched in July 2021. 

Banks Botanicals is the result of many months’ of planning, distilling, tasting and test-driving.

Co - Founder  - Yolanda Uys, Brian Cohen and Frank De Palma wanted to create something that meet the consumer standards and to present Australia. 

One of the Drive was Yarra Valley's reputation for pristine water and second to that is the abundance, diversity of quality with Native Botanicals.

With only 5 ingredients selected for their own flavour:

  • Wattleseed for it's nutty rich aroma
  • Lemon Myrtle for its fresh citrus notes
  • Limes for its floral citrus flavour
  • Cassia provides the cinnamon sweetness 
  • Pepperberries for the spice


Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirits was created. 

As the Non Alcoholic Beverage Sector continues to grow, consumers will be demanding for sophistication and quality.  

According to the 2021 IWSR Drinks Market Analysis’ No- and Low-Alcohol Strategic Study, no- and low-alcohol volume in Australia increased by 2.9% last year and is expected to grow by 16% in the next three years. 

As Yolanda Uys mentions, "When it comes to the changing face of the drinks market, behaviours are shifting, and people are looking for balance and moderation without the compromise. And we believe Banks Botanicals ticks all the boxes.”

With our like minded passion of the Non-Alc Sector, Supporters and Believers of Supporting Australian Brands, Banks and Sip & Enjoy have partnered up since September 21 on the E - Commerce platform and now in store - Melbourne 1st Non- Alcoholic Drinks Store, they are, one of our favourites. 

You may of seen us at the Food Wine Show in Melbourne 2022, 1st tasting at Sip & Enjoy Pop Up Store and soon at Sip Enjoy Free Spirit tasting event towards the end of the year. 


Banks Botanicals x Sip & Enjoy Pop Up storeCredit Image: Banks Botanicals showcasing their Spirits at Sip & Enjoy Pop Up Store Dec 21


Behind the Scenes with Banks Botanicals Credit Image: BTS working on the concotion of Mocktails 


Food Wine Show Banks Botanicals x Sip & Enjoy
 Credit Image: Food and Wine Show 2022 Co- founder Brian Cohen and Van Director Sip & Enjoy Melbourne 1st Non Alcoholic Drinks Store



Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirit 

Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirit


Banks Botanicals RTD - Banks Grapefruit & Tonic 4pk 

Banks RTD Grapefruit and Tonic
Now Available Online and In store at Sip & Enjoy Melbourne 1st Non Alcoholic drinks Store.
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