Best 2022 Non Alcoholic White Wine

Best 2022 Non Alcoholic White Wine

The Australian wine producers are making a storm for the Non Alcoholic Wines. 

Which means, their will be more popping up. 

In 2021, the whites still needed improvement. In 2022, they are on track. 

In Australia , Vintage grapes of 2021 South Australian grapes have performed over all very well. 

Our Neighbours, Giesen Wines, have too performed well. 

At Sip & Enjoy, we have the tasting, research and sourcing for you.

To find out more, how non alcoholic wine is made, click here.

For this year, the Best Non Alcoholic White Wine of 2022 are as follows: 

Tread Softly - Pinot Grigio , $17.99

It's crisp exhibiting pear and citrus characters before a fruity palate that is full of refreshment and a cleansing acid finish. Pair with a seafood platter.

Polka Cuvee, $22.99 

A specialised blend of 11 white wine varietals.

Each was selected to balance the flavour and texture once the alcohol was removed. Utilising low temperature distillation and 40 years of wine making experience, our team has created a sparkling that we are very pleased with (finally!) and trust you will be too.


Giesen Pinot Gris, $17.99

This is aromatic, crisp, and refreshing with delicate floral notes featuring white flowers, lychee, and red apple on the nose.


Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling, $22.99

This golden yellow Riesling is earthy on the nose with subtle hints of rhubarb and red apples with an underlying mineral base.

With notes of lime and citrus this wine is well balanced and clean on the palate.

Alcohol 0.0% ABV

Vegan Friendly


B1654 , Chardonnay Vintage 2021 $22.00 

Late Bloomer and One of the finest Australian Chardonnay. 

Grapes from Triple creek Wines in SA near Seppletfield. 

Notes: Creamy and Dry. When this bottle is served at 14 degrees , slightly chilled it is perfect. 

During Winter, perfect to serve straight away. Summer , slightly chilled.

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