Best Non Alcoholic Red Wine 2023

Best Non Alcoholic Red Wine 2023

Sipping on a red wine without alcohol for the past year have been quite perplex. 

Honestly, it will continue to be so. 

Why? There is quite a few factors to consider. 

1. Harvesting and Crushing
The process begins with harvesting the red wine grapes at the desired ripeness. After harvesting, the grapes are carefully sorted and crushed to release their juice and pulp, which includes skins, seeds, and sometimes stems.

2. Alcohol Removal 
To produce non-alcoholic wine, the alcohol content needs to be removed from the juice. There are several methods to achieve this, including vacuum distillation, reverse osmosis, and spinning cone columns.
These techniques help separate the alcohol from the other components while preserving the wine's flavors and aromas.

3. Flavour Adjustment and Bottling
After alcohol removal, the wine may undergo flavor adjustments to enhance its taste and mouthfeel. This step might involve blending in certain additives, such as grape juice concentrate, to restore some body and sweetness lost during alcohol removal. Once the desired flavor profile is achieved, the wine is filtered and bottled for distribution.

4. When purchasing a red wine, ensure to aerate. Why? 
The Range needs time to develops it's flavour profile. 
Time Approximation from 1hour - 3hours. 2nd day is always better. 

With that all being said, we have put together a list of Good, Quality Non Alc Red Wines in Australia for 2023. 

Songbird Premium Shiraz 2023

Released: 2023
Wine Region: South Australia 
Tasting Notes: Dry, full flavoured displaying rich notes of plum, red berries and soft tannins.


Next Destination Shiraz 2018 'People Choice 2022'

Released: 2018 
Wine Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia 
Tasting Notes: Dry, full flavoured displaying rich notes of dark Chocolate red berries and French Oak.

This wine has been compared with Penfold Bin 389 and from the Wine Expert in AF herself, Amy Armstrong from Dry But Wet.
To read more, check out Body and Soul and Dry But Wet Red Wine Reviews.

Next Destination 2018 Shiraz

Sobriety Society Tempranillo ' COLD MEDAL Award  Zero Alcohol Wine Show 2022' 

Released: 2018 
Wine Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia 
Tasting Notes: A delicious red blend with vibrant berry fruit complemented by soft tannins, a hint of sweetness and gentle acidity making for a compelling rendition of alcohol removed wine. Pair with your favourite barbecued meats.

The Tempranillo should be at a  temperature 15 - 18 degrees . To enjoy it.


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