Christmas Celebration Guide

Christmas Celebration Guide

Hardly any time is left for Christmas 2022, which means that people are already planning out their holidays, office parties, and get-togethers with friends.

Christmas is inevitably an essential celebration.

This is the time of the year time of the year when restaurants and hotels serve to delight their customers with creatively cooked delicacies while providing them with an unmatched dining experience.

People want something special to drink in the festival season, even if they are the designated drivers, and must stick to non-alcoholic beverages.

Time to Spice it Up! 

Serving and providing premium Sparkling Champagne, Rose, White Wines, Tea Tonics, No-groni Spritz or a beer! 
By providing alternatives for everyone, people will stay longer and enjoy the festive activities. 

Mocktails With a Twist

Mocktails are a combination of different non-alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea, and other flavours that can mix well together. They are a great substitute for those planning to spend their holidays alcohol-free yet relish in the fun of every party or get-together they attend. 

This season, why not present even the mocktails with a twist. Instead of offering the regulars like Virgin Mary, Bellini, Virgin Sangria, Mojito, Shirley Temple and the likes, why not experiment with some new flavours. 

Some Christmas Mocktail Recipes:
Seedlip Orchard Sour , By Seedlip 108 Spirit

Seedlip Orchard Sour Garden 108 

Cider, Thyme + Tonic  Mocktail , By Sip & Enjoy 

Cider Thyme Mocktail

Noches Mexicana, By Fluere Drinks Spirit

Noches Mexicana



Mindful & Balance 

With the Trend continuously growing, people are becoming more aware and conscious of their consumption. 

From Calorie Counting, to Sugar Content and Sulphite levels in Non Alcoholic Drinks.

At Sip & Enjoy, our primary aim is to provide an alternative drinks for each individual. No Compromise. Your Drink Your Way. 




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