Dry July - Mindful & Awareness

Dry July - Mindful & Awareness

Don't Stop the Fun This July!

Let's be proactive, commit, support and bring awareness to this  valuable Month. 

For people who are on this amazing journey, Good On You!

It's not an easy challenge.

Some days will be better than others, and some days not. 
It's normal to feel that way. After all, we're human.

For those who are on there journey of sobriety or just simply needing or wanting a break, why not. 

Nat Founder of  'Themindfulmocktail', is on her own Soberity Journey and on her point is to it simple and clear.

From Nat, here are the major benefits you’ll notice after a 7-day break from alcohol.
- Improved Sleeping Pattern
- Improved Hydration
- Calories and Money Saved 


                             Dry July Awareness and Mindfulness

Week 2 - Is amazing:
- Stomach Lining 
- Reduce Acid Reflux 
- Clear Mind
- Waking up Fresh


 At Sip & Enjoy we have put together some Tips to assist with the journey: 
- Acknowledge to oneself, that there will be Good Days and Challenging Days.
- Surround yourself with people, friends, colleagues, Soberities
- Pickup a new curriculum
- Do an extra circuit or session at the Gym 
- For every Drink, you don't have at Friday drinks ; Donate your golden coin to a cause
- Make some Funky Non Alcoholic Mocktail Drinks
- Find and source an alternative Non Alcoholic Drink 

Below is Nat , founder of The Mindful Mocktail Go to drinks:
"When it comes to mocktails so I love a mimosa mocktail or a virgin mojito.
  For wines I love the Giesen Sauv Blanc and Songbird Sparkling Brut." 

                            Mocktail Margarita
                 Click on link for recipe: Simple Mocktail Margarita




Lucy Quick Co Founder & CEO of Thrivalist Sobriety  is a certified life coach and sober guide.


Lucy Quick Shares some of her favourite Go to Non Alc Drinks and what Sobriety can do for us.
- Feeling Supercharge when taking a break
- Creating Opportunities
- New Friends
To find out more check out Thrivalist sobriety blog. 

🍷Plus and Minus for flavoursome red and white wines.

🍓 Etch Sparkling have a huge collection of yummy & healthy drinks made with distilled botanicals

🍸 Lyres Co is so tasty and goes perfectly with a range of mixers

🍊 Banks Botanicals pairs perfectly with flavoured tonic water for a fragrant G&T.

 Available at Sip & Enjoy Online & Instore:

Giesen Sauv $16.99

Songbird Sparkling Brut $22.95

Banks Botanicals NEW RTD - Grapefruit & Tonic


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