Four Pillars Entering the Non Alc Market

Four Pillars Entering the Non Alc Market

Welcoming Four Pillars to the Non Alc Market. 

After 2 years in the making and getting it right, it was time. 

Four Pillars have come out with 2 Non Alc Range - naming it the BANDWAGON. 

Bandwagon Dry - is made from 10 botanicals that is derived from the RARE Dry Gin. The OG. 

The flavours are extracted in a separate ways for the Non Alc version, though, with the oils and flavours from juniper, lemon myrtle, coriander seed and the like gathered using steam distillation.

Each is distilled differently in order to control the flavour and the quality.
They are then combined with a water base, steamed and vacuumed with fresh chilli to give the not-quite-gin the heat that comes with alcohol — and with a natural fructose from plants for weight.

The Bandwagon Bloody Shiraz, is derived from the Dry, with an addition of  Shiraz Juice to craft the flavour. 

Expected to be released DRY JULY. 

We can't wait.  

Another Australian Product to be added to Sip & Enjoy Range. 

Available in Store - August

Four Pillars Bandwagon Dry Gin

Four Pillars Bandwagon Bloody Shiraz

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