Go On ‘Liver Rest Days’ as Japanese consumers join the Bandwagon

Go On ‘Liver Rest Days’ as Japanese consumers join the Bandwagon


Japanese Beer Makers Join The 'NOLO Beer' Category. 

It is safe to say, Japan enjoys a Good Beer after a long day at work, a social catch up and a Great Way to Sip & Enjoy.

Nomikai [drinking party] and a kanpai [cheers]

Ruling the commercial space - Asahi, Sapporo and Kirin are the top beer makers in Japan.

Asahi Zero 0.00% released November 2009

Sapporo Goku Zero 0.00% released April 2013

Suntory Free Zero 0.00% released 2010

Since Coronavirus, it has pushed consumers to change ways of habits in consumption, mindfulness and lifestyle.

The pandemic has driven factors for the boom in the low and no-alcohol beer categories. But beer makers are attributing this skyrocketing growth to the overall progress and improvement in the flavour and quality of alcohol-free beers – many of which used to be described as either “too yeasty” or “too watery”.

Now, brewers are working harder to cutting down artificial aromas and sweeteners used to mimic the quality of alcohol-containing beers brewed via fermentation.

From 2019 to 2025, Global Market Insights predicted that Asia’s low- to no-alcohol beverage market would grow 7 percent from $20 billion to $30 billion, a vast 80 percent of this expansion coming from the beer sector.

With that being said, Sip & Enjoy Melbourne's 1st Non Alcoholic Drinks store have been able to stock the following Japanese Non Alcoholic Beers. 


Asahi Zero 0.00% 
Available in Store 
Ship to VIC, NSW, QLD 
*Note with limited stock, we offer Pre Orders

Tasting Note: If you like Asahi super dry, then this may be the choice for you since the flavor is made to be similar to it. An attractive point about this product is that not only is alcohol-free but also calorie-free.


Asahi Zero Dry 0.00%
Available in Store and Online
Ship to VIC, NSW, QLD
Contains: Gluten 

Kirin Ichi Zero 0.00% 

Available in Store and Online
Ship to VIC, NSW, QLD 
*Note with limited stock, we offer Pre Orders


Suntory Free 0.00% 
Limited Stock 
Only Available in store

Tasting Note: I
t is more like a beer-flavoured drink -   suitable for those who want a malty taste guilt-free. The Suntory says: “like traditional beer, Suntory uses only the two-row barley malt which contributes to the rich flavour of ALL-FREE, while the aroma hops give it its bitterness and signature sophisticated bouquet
Suntory All Free - Beer
As the Australian Market grows , we hope to see more International Non Alcoholic Beers available. 
In the meantime, Kanpai! 
If your travelling to Japan, make sure to try out all of them.
It is available at 7 Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson and any major Shopping Mall and Grocery Stores.


Variety of Japanese Non Alcoholic Beer

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