Eden Oak Geelong - North of Eden Bar

Grand Opening Eden Oak Geelong

Visit Geelong and The Bellarine.

Eden Oak officially opens its doors.

Eden Oak is a stunning retreat that is nestled in the botanical gardens of the Eastern Park Precinct. 
The Venue caters for corporate functions, events, weddings and more. 

The 1.6-hectare site boasts a building area of 4,500 square metres, including function spaces, 46 accommodation suites, restaurant, in ground swimming pool and sprawling gardens.

North of Eden Bar, is the highlight of the area where it brings Class, Greenery and Eccentric Natural Light and Design Features. 

Sip & Enjoy and Eden Oak Open the Bar with a variety of Non Alcoholic Beverages to kick start the Day. 

The morning consisted a Champagne breakfast @vinadawines_au

Upon arrival and during the course of Lunch, guests were treated with a range of Non - Alcoholic beverages.
Vinada Sparkling Wines, Heaps Normal Beers, Yes You Can RTD's.


Director -  Sip Enjoy Non Alcoholic Beverages
Credit Image: Van Director of Sip & Enjoy
Opening the Bar with Vinada Wines x Vinzero Drinks

The BEKL Team, are the pioneers of properties.

Their dedication and forward thinking for the community and interest of social impact aligns well within the Hospitality Sector. 

By providing Alternative Choices for the mindful and wellness sector. 

Katherine and Eva both share a passion in the mindful and non alcoholic space. 

Katherine Liu - Managing Director, BEKL
'I love it, how i can just have this Sparkling without the affect. Especially within this industry, where, we do many meet and greet and events like these.'


North of Eden Bar  
Credit Image: Eden Oak x BEKL Team


North of Eden BarCredit Image: Eden Oak x BEKL Team


BEKL Team - Katherine and Eva LiuCredit Image: Eden Oak x BEKL: Eva Liu and Katherine Liu


Time to Visit - 
Geelong and Eden Oak 

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North of Eden Bar: Now Open

Eden Oak Restaurant:
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