Health & Mindfulness

Health & Mindfulness

What happens after Dry July? Do we go back to our normality of consumption or continue on a healthy journey?

Let's go for the healthy journey. 

Adapting to new ways and better version of yourself comes with Positivity and Healthy Mindset. 

From physical health, better hydration, enhanced mental clarity, sleep quality, reduce addiction, mindfulness and presence.

So why not just stick to water? Yes, you can and you should. It is the mother of hydration. But, there's more alternative these days, which is a bonus.

At Sip & Enjoy - Healthy Tonics Category, it is all about providing healthy Alternatives. 
From Adaptogenic to Nootropics, Ashwaghanda and Teas.

1. Adapt Drinks - 

With Adapt Drinks Relax you will feel the tension fall away and your mind begin to calm. It takes the edge off and helps you unwind.

With adaptogenic herbs and l-theanine it is a great natural alternative to alcohol to unwind at the end of the day.

Adapt Drinks - 2 flavours : Lemon Myrtle / Strawberry Gum
4pk for  $22.00

Adapt drinks


2. T.I.N.A - This is Not Alcohol
Created in Melbourne. 
A complex lightly sparkling with tart fruit tingle acidity. A subtle and savoury delight. Imaginative drinks, with no added sugar that are made with all natural ingredients; botanicals, tea, fruits, herbs and flowers.

A drink for any Occassion. 

T.I.N.A 1.0 - 4pk for $24.00
All natural, lightly sparkling - high mountain oolong, calamansi, rose & lemon myrtle.

T.I.N.A 2.0 - 4pk for $24.00 
Jasmine pearl green tea, rosella flowers, raspberry leaf, raspberry juice, pear juice, verjus, mandarin juice, monkfruit juice, Geraldton waxflower, yarrow and filtered water.
TINA Drinks - Healthy Tea with complexity flavour


3. Drink Hopr

HOPR fits seamlessly into your life. Drink it throughout the day or when you're ready to unwind.

Mindfully crafted with Ashwagandha and L- Theanine.

Ash-wuh-gan-dah. This herb has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine traditons. It's known to promote relaxation, manage stress and anxiety, as well as other benefits.

Drink green tea? If so, then you've been having L-Theanine. It's an amino acid that is known to improve focus, memory, and cognitive performance.

3 Flavours available 
Citra Hops One - OG Flavour
Amarillo *new* 

8pk for $35.99 , 16pk (1 x case) $64.00

Drink Hopr - Hop Sparkling Water

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