How to Pair Non Alcoholic Drinks with Food

How to Pair Non Alcoholic Drinks with Food

A great glass of wine with lunch, hors d'oeuvres or dinner. And just like alcoholic wines, the same pairing concepts apply. Here are a few basic rules to keep in mind and then some specific suggestions.

BBQ - 
Getting a good grill, inviting guests, purchasing the best meat, seafood, veggies you can possibly find – those are the essentials of every barbecue.

However, people need drinks, too and not everyone enjoys beer or wine.

Did you know Tea actually pairs well with BBQ Food? Tea assist with cutting the greasy-ness of BBQ Food. 

Same Goes with Ginger Beer too. 


Tea Tonic by  Easy Tea - Refreshing. Great over ice or top it up with a Great Gin - Drummerboy London Dry Spirit. 

Ginger Beer - by Blipin * Available in store. 

Sansgria by Altina Drinks  - A summer hit! The Berries and Notes of this Wine is on point! Love the Punch! 


White Meat & Salads - 

Shellfish, white fish, light chicken dishes or salads, choose a still or sparkling white or rose wine. Look for something with citrusy and herbal flavours that will complement the food.

Leitz Eins Riesling  - Dry & Crisp. Product of Germany.

Tread Softly Prosecco  - Clean, Crisp, Subtle. Product of Australia.



Red Meat - 

Choose a red or heartier rose wine that will stand up to the bigger flavours of the food.
Plus & Minus Rose  or the Plus Minus Premium Black Label Rose * Available in store. The difference, between these 2 labels. 
White Label  - classic one Vine Grape 
Black Label - matured grapes a variety of Grapes 
Songbird Cabernet Sav * Available in Store
Giesen Merlot 
Spicy and Asian Food - 
Goes great with a slightly sweeter wine. The sugar helps to temper the spice. You don't want a full-on dessert-style wine, just something with a little higher sugar content.
Non Alternative Wine Range is great for pairing all types of Food. 
Check Non 1, Non 2 , Non 3, Non 4, Non 5 
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