Its Not Me Its Booze INMIB with Mel Watkins

Its Not Me Its Booze INMIB with Mel Watkins

Know Yourself Without Booze. 

Recently me Mel Watkins via Sober Bosses group chat and we connected just like chalk and cheese. 

Mel Watkins the founder of ITS NOT ME ITS BOOZE - a certified Recovery Coach, have a Bachelor’s in Business, and am currently studying Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Mel Watkins recently come by to Sip & Enjoy PopUp Store in Melbourne and loved the concept! 
'A specialised store just for Non Alc! So Good! And Loving the Music Vibe'

With that being said, Sip & Enjoy and Mel Waktins have the same goal.
That is to meet and greet new soberities. 
We both enjoy hearing your stories and where, we can assist on your Sober Journey. 


Let's Chat and start your AF journey. 

With further or do, Its Not Me Its Booze is holding an event! 
An awesome breakfast event planned for you with our amazing guest speaker Melbourne’s sober, bisexual divorcee comedian, Bianka!

Event details

  •  Serotonin Eatery - 52 Madden Grove, Burnley
  •  14 May, 2022
  •  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Tickets include your delish breakfast courtesy of Serotonin, goodie bags sponsored by Yes You Can Drinks, and some delicious AF drinks on arrival.

You will leave full, empowered, and inspired to conquer your sober journey!

Our Speaker: Bianka Ismailovski @biankaismailovski

Space: @serotonindealer

Sponsor: @yesyoucandrinks

Supporter: Sip & Enjoy Non Alcoholic Beverages

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