Meet Emma Gilmour Hope Rising Coaching

Meet Emma Gilmour Hope Rising Coaching

Wearing a handful of Hats -
Counsellor and certified This Naked Mind, Gray Area Drinking & Tuning in to Teens™ parenting coach.  Emma Gilmour coaching practice is for parents who want to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their kids. 

Working with individuals wherever they are on their journey with alcohol and whatever they want their coaching outcome to be: to take a break, to moderate or to go alcohol free.

The pressure on women in mid-life is insane.

As Emma mentions, "We grew up with Madonna on our Walkmans, ‘Working Girl’ at the cinema and ‘we can have it all’ expectations".

"Running full throttle on caffeine, booze and adrenaline for so long, we are literally ‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’."

As a Melbournian, Emma know how challenging it can be, COVID19 for many, was a roller coaster. 

Hope Rising Coaching, mission is to get rid of the stigma surrounding seeking to change our relationship with alcohol.
No shame, blame or judgement in my coaching program.

Emma goal is to help individuals take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol a small and insignificant part of your life.

HRC have partnered up with Sip & Enjoy to provide individuals a way to chat, talk and reached out within the community. 

This August, Emma Gilmour will be our Super Star Guest at the Sip Social tasting Event. Don't miss out. Grab your tickets. 


To find out more, reach out to Super Star Emma G from HRC. 

Emma G Founder of Hope Rise Coaching

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