Mindset coach - Kathryn Elliott

My Breast Friend and The Alcohol Mindset Coach

Meet an Inspirational Woman -  breast cancer awareness advocate and alcohol and binge drinking coach,  Kathryn Elliott.

On an ordinary morning in August 2019 at age 46, Kath’s life was suddenly
stripped bare of the superfluous when she discovered a large lump in her
breast while getting dressed to race out the door to work. She instinctually
knew something wasn’t right and two days later was diagnosed with locally
advanced breast cancer. Within a week she’d been through 15 medical
appointments, numerous scans, a small operation and started an intense 6-
month program of chemotherapy.

Kath is passionate about building awareness about the deeper human
connection you can achieve through sharing your experience of illness and
trauma and how choosing to remain alcohol free during this period was a
catalyst to further healing and growth.
Kath is now living cancer free and started two new businesses during the Covid
lockdowns in Melbourne in 2021 - The Alcohol Mindset Coach and My Breast
Friend, both were inspired by her experience and learnings from breast cancer.

The Alcohol Mindset Coach
Kathryn works as a certified This Naked Mind alcohol coach and has been living
alcohol free since July 1, 2019.
As a former binge drinker for over 30 years, she coaches from lived experience
and believes vulnerability and sharing our own stories is one of the most
powerful tools in healing and finding a more balanced relationship with
Kathryn works with men and women who want to look more closely at and
change their mindset around alcohol, particularly those who identify as
following healthy lifestyle principles but also have a problematic binge
drinking history that they are struggling to shake. Her unique binge drinking
breakthrough coaching programs have been developed to specifically address
and disrupt long term binge drinking behaviour.
www.thealcoholmindsetcoach.com IG @thealcoholmindsetcoach

My Breast Friend
My Breast Friend is a brand tenderly created through my personal experience
of breast cancer after discovery a large lump in 2019.
It was not a every day conversation to chat about breast cancer or being concious and  aware of self - check.
It was then, the idea for My Breast Friend was born.
Kathryn  launched a collection of six handmade body lotions and body washes developed to promote awareness and support for breast cancer, by encouraging women to connect with their bodies and make breast self-checks a regular and
empowering practice.

$2 from the sale of each product is donated to the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. www.mybreastfriend.net IG @mybreastfriendaus

Kath is based in Melbourne where she lives with her husband of 20 years,
Paul and their three sons and much-loved golden English cocker spaniel, Ralph.

For further information please contact:
Email: kathryn@thealcoholmindsetcoach.com.au


This October Kathryn and Sip & Enjoy have partnered up to do a Fundraising Event for Breast Cancer Network Australia. 
Come and Join us for a social afternoon. 

Saturday 15th October
2pm - 4pm
Located: Sip & Enjoy Melbourne 1st Non Alcoholic Drinks Store

20% of the ticket purchase goes towards BCNA. 
For anyone who like to donate fo the cause, you may do so in the link.
Link Below: Reduce Booze for Boobs

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