Mind The Sip App by Ange Chappel

New Year New Me, Mind The Sip Launching 2023

Welcoming 2023 with Mind The Sip! 

Meet Ange  - Creator of Mind The Sip - Mindful Drinking App

Drink Less. Feel Great.

The mission for all members is to drink mindfully and within the health guidelines, with it being your ultimate choice whether you wish to go all the way to zero.

Mind The Sip – set to change the way Aussie’s drink!

Mind The Sip is an inclusive app for all genders and ages (18+).
This go-to app for alcohol reduction was founded by Certified Recovery Coach Ange Chappel. Ange made strides to actively reduce her alcohol intake to cement a lifestyle free from hangovers, regrets, and excess expense. She wanted
to create an app that consolidated all the invaluable resources and tools she used to get there and share it with as many people as possible. Inside the app users can;

  •  Track drinks,
  •  Journal moods,
  •  Purchase alcohol free alternatives (via your very own Sip & Enjoy)
  • Listen to podcasts,
  •  Purchase Quit-Lit (literature for alcohol reduction) and
  • Ground themselves with meditation,

In addition, subscribing members have access to an accountability messaging feature, in-depth tracking for actual drinks, calories consumed, and dollars spent, along with a private Facebook community to connect and share experiences. Join the waitlist today

Mind the Sip App


Mind The Sip’s recommendations are aligned with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines. Up to 10 standard drinks per week, no more than 4 standard drinks in any day. Noting that zero is always the healthiest and safest amount (moderation for some can be a slippery slope to excess).

Disclaimer: content provided is not to be substituted for medical advice.


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