The Next Big Thing!

The Next Big Thing!

The rise of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. 

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For a long time, soft drinks, juices and mocktails were the only options available to those not ‘having a drink’ at the pub. Five years ago (heck-two years ago), punters would’ve been looked at silly had they asked for a non-alc G+T with their Parma and chips. But times are changing, and fast.

A trend that is slowly capturing the post-pandemic market led by the sober, sober curious and health conscious is on the rise. On a breezy Melbourne afternoon, we caught up with Amy Armstrong of Dry but Wet and Van Nguyen of Sip & Enjoy, to discuss the rise of non-alcoholic beverages.

According to the International Wine and Spirits Record (IWSR), non-alcoholic ‘booze’ has taken over three per cent of the global alcohol market, and is forecasted to grow at a whopping 31 per cent by 2024. The prediction is not only loud, but is also expected to occur in a short period of time. “It is the fastest growing drinks category at the moment, and the sober curious movement is driving it,” says Amy. “According to research conducted by the Brick Lane Brewing Co., 71 per cent of individuals aged between 18 and 34, said that their non-alcoholic drink consumption will go up a lot over the next 12 months.” Research suggests that this shift in attitude is driven mainly by the attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle and limit the overall consumption of alcohol on a daily basis. Van also highlighted that society has increasingly become more open minded and less judgemental towards those who choose not to drink at social gatherings. “I have noticed an increasing demand for non-alcoholic options at celebrations such as baby showers, religious festivities and individual milestones.”


Amy Armstrong and Van Nguyen Non Alcoholic Drinks Guru


Publicans and Hoteliers may be concerned that the non-alc movement will come at cost, but this is simply not true. Both Amy and Van are of the opinion that individuals don’t mind spending more on a quality drinks option on the menu, if it adds value to their overall social experience. “People aren’t choosing not to drink alcoholic drinks because they cannot afford it, they are doing it as a conscious decision for personal reasons”, says Amy. “If options are highlighted and presented well on the menu, the consumers are ready to tap their cards.” According to Van, “a well-rounded non-alcoholic menu would have 2 options for beer, one sparkling wine and maybe three to five good cocktails.”

Speaking about the availability of good quality alternatives, the experts stated that the companies behind these drinks have come a long way. “If you were to gather individuals for a blind taste test between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, they would not be able to tell the difference, unless they read the labels.” The visual appeal and expansive range of alcohol-free beverages has greatly increased their popularity at venues. Van explains that the method involved in distilling these spirits is actually more extensive than producing an alcoholic spirit. “It is a new category, so the research that goes into developing a product like non-alcoholic gin is time consuming, and the producers want to make sure they are using the highest quality botanicals to replicate that flavour profile.”


Really great non-alcoholic options are out there and growing by the minute, we strongly encourage you to consider including these items on your menu, particularly in the lead up to the festive season.


So, if you’re unsure where to start, we have a few tips:

  • Start with a decent non-alc beer and sparkling.
  • Highlight the options on your menu- customers won’t know it’s there unless you tell them.
  • Train your staff- they’re your best advocates.
  • Capitalise on your Christmas functions. Add a ‘non-alc’ drinks package to your festive offerings.
  • Check out these exciting offers from our partners!

Amy Armstrong is on a mission to create positive and inclusive drinking experiences for all, and one of her goals is to normalise non-alcoholic drinking in Australia. Using her extensive knowledge and expertise in the sector, she connects businesses with the best quality non-alcoholic drinks that are suited to their customer base. If you’re a venue that likes to think a little ahead of what’s always been done, and see the opportunity that non-alc could bring to your hospitality business, get in touch with Amy on

Van Nguyen’s dedicated non-alcoholic retail store in Abbotsford - Melbourne's 1st Non Alcoholic Drinks Store, is all about raising awareness on the growing industry and providing businesses like yours an opportunity to expand their menus using the right products.
Sip & Enjoy distribute their products across local restaurants in Victoria and Melbourne CBD, and offer private tasting experiences in the corporate sector.

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