Third year of the Non Alcoholic Beverage Movement

Third year of the Non Alcoholic Beverage Movement

Since 2020 the boom of Non Alcoholic Drinks Category came to Australia Shores. If it wasn't for COVID-19, the category would not have exploded. 

From Beers, Wines, Spirits and now the movement of Adaptogenic Drinks has come to play.

We know for sure, the Non Alcoholic Beers are good. The proof is real. Look at Heaps Normal - Not to be wasted - Non Alcoholic Beers. Starting off with just an XPA for almost a year, before adding a range of Lager, Hazy and Stout. 
The best of it all, it's made in Australia. 

Molly Rose Brewing - a true local and hero Brewer within our suburb of Collingwood , also came out with their flavours of Non Alcoholic Beers. Citra Citra and Strawberry sublime. The second local guys to come on board was Stomping Ground - Pale Ale and Sour. 

Kudos to our locals of Collingwood. 

Wines can be either be ribena in taste or exceptionally well made for a Non Alcoholic Wine. At the beginning for the era of Non Alcoholic Drinks Category, wine was a tough gig. For many producers and makers, it required a lot of time, gallons of grapes being processed and used. However, within the last 12months wine makers have revisited, reviewed and researched on what would be the best method to curate a 'good' non alcoholic wine without losing flavour, to 3 types of method: Reverse Osmosis, Vacuum Distillation and Spinning Cone Method.

At the end of the day, it's reserving the flavour and taste. For one wine maker, they have established a method to retrieve the flavour. Which is fantastic. And for who it is, well that's a secret. :) 

Spirits to Spiritless. Do they taste the same? Simple answer is no. When there is ethanol many ingredients are reserved and obviously it may carry a hangover the next day and a bad taste in your mouth too. 
Non Alcoholic Spirits goes through 2 - 4 distillation process to ensure there is no trace of alcohol in them. Which means, plenty of quality check, temperature, herbs, spices and water is used.

As the owner of Sip & Enjoy and the team, we continuously taste test the products with the direct owners of each brand.

This give us the opportunity to learn and provide feedback to the sector and directly to consumers. 


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