Ocsober - Lose the Booze for Health &  Education

Ocsober - Lose the Booze for Health & Education

It's important to remember that giving anything up, especially alcohol, can be a challenge for some people. Habits after all, can be hard to break.

Here are some Tips to get you started:
  • Find a friend, colleague/s or partner to join in the Ocsober challenge with you
  • Keep busy. Get out and about. Exercise with long walks, run by the seaside or in local parks. 
  •  What better way to start reinforcing that habit of health and fitness? Tidy up your diet and start getting some consistent exercise in.
  • Save Money
  • Feel Better
  • Setting a Good Example 
  • You'll Help - fundraising : Life Education

For Ocsoberites, will give themselves the chance to feel healthier and fitter, perhaps lose a few kilos, sleep better, improve their mental health, all while setting a good example for impressionable young Aussies.

At Sip & Enjoy we have chosen to support Ocsober - Life Education.
It is a national fundraising initiative by Life Education to reduce drug and alcohol related harm in young people.

The healthy education programme does well to educate Aussie kids on the negative impact of booze, so they can grow up to make informed decisions.

But it’s not just Aussie kids who will benefit from Ocsober, because there are a number of health benefits associated with giving up alcohol.

At the end of the day Ocsober, inspires people to change the world by changing their lifestyle first.

To kick start your journey we have put some bundles together. 

Variety Non Alcoholic Beers and Wine Pack $69.99

6 x Non Alcoholic Craft Australian Beers
3 x Non Alcoholic Wine: White, Red, Sparkling

Ocsober Bundle $149.99

To get through Ocsober. 
Beers, Spirits and Wine Lovers! All the fun without the guilt.

12 x Australian Non-Alc Beers
3 x Non-Alc Australia Wines
1 x Non-Alc - Spirit: Brunswick Aces with Tonic8  Pack

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