Four Pillars Bandwagon Non Alc Spirits

Four Pillars - Bloody Bandwagon

Welcome aboard the Four Pillars Bandwagon!

The same botanicals as our cult favourite Bloody Shiraz Gin, distilled differently. Bloody Bandwagon is based on our cult favourite, Bloody Shiraz Gin. Bandwagon Dry is the base of Bloody Bandwagon. It’s that clear liquid with the addition of one very special ingredient, Shiraz juice.

Tasting Notes: You do get the the depth from the shiraz juice, a little bit of sweetness and then fragrance from juniper and citrus and finally heat from Tasmanian Pepperberry. Well balanced and made to drink on its own or even better with a premium quality mixer

How to use: You can use Bloody Bandwagon as you would your 'regular' Four Pillars Shiraz Gin. My favourite way is to mix it with Strangelove's Salted Grapefruit Tonic over ice and orange peel.  

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