Vietnamese Espresso Martini

Vietnamese Espresso Martini

When it comes to Vietnamese Coffee aka cà phê sữa đá, it is a daily essential. 

The sweetened coffee concoction is made with strongly-flavoured, slow-roasted robusta beans, ice, and sweetened condensed milk. 

Time to take up a notch. 

Vietnamese Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini. A treat for both, sweet and caffeinated. 

A perfect mocktail to please yourself or the crowd. 

Just Only 3 ingredients: 

- Vietnamese Phin Style Drip Coffee (2 x Heaped Spoon)

- Cockatoo Cocktail Espresso 60mls 

- Ice 

Shake, Pour and Serve

Vietnamese Coffee - we specifically use the roasted coffee from our local in Footscray Melbourne. Scarlett Corner. It has great Hazelnut Aroma and perfect roast for a Vietnamese Coffee. 

Cockatoo Cocktail - 
Wattleseed Espresso Martini

The Native Wattleseed, enhancing the classic Espresso Martini with nutty, roasted flavours, delivered incredibly rich and smooth.⁠ ⁠



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