Taking a Pause - No Low Alcohol Break

Taking a Pause - No Low Alcohol Break

Your Choice , Your Way.
New Yr , New Resolution. 

To make the booze-break official, many people are undertaking Feb Fast. 
From Celebrities, Work Colleagues, friends, family and individuals. 

Like Sam Wood, a health and fitness guru, he described,
'It’s kind of weird how you convince yourself in your head that everybody else is drinking. And it’s so crazy that you’re not having a beer or a glass of wine at these things. No one cares. No one notices, couldn’t have cared less, had a mineral water instead of where I would have had a couple of beers, felt great, drove home, happy days.'

For Me - Sip & Enjoy Owner
Supporting Youth in Australia or Around the World is a Big Thing for me. Why? As a parent and seeing my children growing up with everything laid out for them is a privilege. For others, it is not. If a child can just have a chalk , pencil or a stick, they can start to learn, write and be creative.


It's not easy to quit or just go cold turkey. But Hey, let's do it together and explore the positive outcome of it. 

Here are some tips to get started: 

  1. Sign Up as a Group Goal  and fundraise
  2. Ask a friend to join and share the experience
  3. Start looking at alternative

To kick off 2022, Sip & Enjoy will be part of  Feb Fast to support disadvantaged youth in Australia.

For every transactions a golden Coin will be donated to Feb Fast.

Febfast is your chance to pause for a cause by giving up alcohol, sugar or another vice of your choice. 

Feb Fast Package $89.99
A 28 days package for 28 drinks to sip through Feb Fast. 
Mix of Beers, Premixers and Healthy Tonics. 

What to drink during FebFast

Abstaining from alcohol needn’t be a drag.

Some of Australia’s best mixologists, sobriety individuals have some awesome tips and guide for us.

Beer of Choice: 
Drink Hopr $4.50 or 4pk $15.99
Alc Free.Sugar Free.Gluten Free.Kal Free.Vegan.
This one will remind you of that crisp taste of throwing back a cold one at your favourite band's concert, at a barbie with friends, or just while unwinding at home after work. You'll get floral and citrus aroma and flavour. Trust us, you'll be hoppy with it.

Gruvi Sour Weisse $5.99 or 4pk $21.99
A lighter style of sour, our weisse contains notes of lemon and grapefruit. 

Ready to Go of Choice: 
NakedLife Yuzu $4.50 or 4pk $14.99
Lovingly Crafted. Our Yuzu Sake delivers refreshing citrus and umami characters of yuzu balanced with the subtle flavour of sake. Lightly sweetened and top noted with distilled orange blossom botanicals. Serve over ice with a citrus garnish. A sparkling. Non-alcoholic distilled botanical cocktail. For drinking when you're not.

Plus and Minus Prosecco Cans $4.50 ot 4pk $18.99
Aromas of citrus and fresh apples while also delivering a great light fruity flavour.
The palate delivers a firm weight with great fruit driven flavour. 

White Wine of Choice:
Hill St - Vin Zero Chardonnay $18.99
Songbird Chardonnay $19.99


Tea Sodas of Choice:

Freed Beverages Cans 3pk $13.99 
Blueberry & Lemon - 6 Cal, 10gms Caffeine
Ginger & Apple - 6 Cal, 10gms Caffeine
Peach & Vanilla  - 6 Cal

Easy Tea Tonic $4.50 or 4pk $16.99 
Low in Sugar, Brewed with real tea leaves
Fresh Fruit & Herbs, Real Tani

Tea Variety Bundle $115.00


Favourite for this Summer Season - Alcohol Free Mojito 

  • 1 massive amount of mint leaves
  • 5 limes
  • 1 ginger beer, to top - Strangelove GingerBeer 
  • 1 sparkling water - Strangelove Sparkling Water

    1.Juice your limes into a cocktail shaker or jar.
    2.Loosely tear the mint leaves and throw them in the shaker, and gently muddle with a mixer or spoon. Shake, but unenthusiastically.
    3.Load up a glass with ice and pour over your limey, minty liquid. Top up with a half-and-half mix of soda water and ginger beer (if you've got a sweet tooth, just use the ginger beer).



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