Sip and Enjoy
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Founded by myself, Van Nguyen, with a passionate drive to live a sustainable lifestyle! I’m a huge believer that what you consume, consumes you. As a mum in Melbourne who enjoys finding products that assist environmental practices, my lifestyle is all about making logical choices that benefit the environment.

Sip & Enjoy is where I’ll share my learnings and my favourite products, especially non-alcoholic beverages with like-minded individuals. With an autoimmune condition that has been diagnosed in the last few years, making a socially conscious decision in drinking alcohol free beverages has become a priority to my own health journey.

Noticing a tectonic shift in how we consume products, Sip & Enjoy understands that alcohol just doesn’t fit into everyone’s life the way it used to.

Did you know that non-alcoholic drinks have been around for a while? However, it's only truly gain traction in Australia in the past few years and I am here to build your awareness of these delicious and health conscious beverages.

Max Allen, columnist for AFR, describes these choices as "healthy" and "mindful". Does this sound like you? If so, come along and open yourself up to a world of alternative fun drinks.

Sip Back and Relax!

Love, Van