Sip & Social Events

When there is an event and you need an 'Adult' Drink' an Alternative, Sip & Enjoy has got you covered. 

Sip & Enjoy provides Non Alcoholic Drinks. Spirits, Beers, Wines and Ready to Drinks (RTD's , Pre mixers). 

We provide and distribute for;
- Corporate events
- Conferences
- Baby shower functions
- Weddings
- Restaurants

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You May have seen us at the following events as partners and sponsors : 

Design Matters National    Ausmumpreneur     Design Week - Upto Us Exhibition


          League of Extraordinary Women                   Asian Hustle Network           


   Golden Monkey Bar    Ho Chi Mama Restaurant             Shu restaurant - Modern Vegan Restaurant



          The Lume Melbourne              Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre


             BEKL Property       Eden Oak Geelong Hotel