Up to Us Exhibition - Desgin Week 17th - 25th March


We are very honoured to be supporting this year event @up_to_us_exhibition to bring women together to design the world we want to see.
Opening from 17 March, as part of Melbourne Design Week, at Le Space Collingwood.

Up to Us - Let's bring practicality, possibility and opportunity! 

We can’t wait to meet you at the first sober and sober curious networking event (that we know of) as part of #melbournedesignweek


This event includes an open non-alc bar and a tour of @up_to_us_exhibition which invites 24 Australian female designers to come together, across disciplines, to design the world they want to see. 

Friday March 25th March

Le Space, Collingwood 

Cost: $35 

Link in bio for tickets.  

              Sip & Enjoy Non Alcoholic Beverages           Zero Drinks All the Goodness                 Vinada Sparkling
Credit Image by: Illustration by Samantha Curcio

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