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Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirit

Banks Botanicals Distilled Spirit

Banks Botanicals distilled Spirit

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International Awarded 20 21 , 2022
Non Alcoholic Distilled Spirit, Banks - Herbaruim

Sophisticated and bold, Banks Herbarium is non-apologetic.
Banks Herbarium is distilled to produce an organic, suger free, gluten free, vegan friendly non alcoholic spirit.

The unique blend of 5 ingredients, individually distilled to ensure that the flavour and essence of each botanical is captured in its purest form.
The botanicals are then blended to deliver a unique, bold and sophisticated drink.

For us, it’s all about the flavour.
We use mountain-fresh Yarra Valley water to combine the distinctive cinnamon notes of cassia with the fresh high notes of lemon myrtle and lime.
Add to this the wattleseed, which brings a nutty, roasted taste, then the spice of the wild Tasmanian pepperberry and you have a strong, memorable finish that lingers long after the final sip.

Award Winners:

LSC 21 
ISWC 21, 22
Innovation Award 22

Featured at The Good Food & Wine 2022
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