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Big Drop 12pk Bundle

Big Drop 12pk Bundle

Big Drop Craft Beer

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Big Drop Brewing 12pk Bundle


Naturally brewed to less than 0.5%, with all the flavour of your craft styles to Sip & Enjoy.  

4 x Big Drop Paradiso IPA - Paradiso radiates citrus fruit from the moment you pour it to the second you finish it. Caramelised orange with a fruity mango-like finish. Bright, sharp twist of bitterness on the end.
Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Simcoe, Citra & Columbus

4 x Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale - A delight for the senses, this beer delivers on all levels. Rosy floral aromas are immediate as you pour, with a light and limey citrus bite on the palate and balanced but obvious bitterness to finish.

 4 x Big Drop Milk Stout *Favourite , People Choice 2022,2023*

Coffee Lovers! Honeycomb lovers!

Forget the notion this is a beer style that has had its day. Instead, think of it as honeycomb covered in chocolate, because that’s exactly what it tastes like: rich, unctuous and an absolutely decadent treat of a beer.

As certified by: Bigdrop - All of our beers are gluten-free and therefore coeliac safe (<10PPM gluten) except for Woodcutter Brown Ale, Fieldhopper Golden Ale and Off-Piste Hazelnut Porter.

To be considered gluten-free a product must contain fewer than 20ppm (parts per million) of gluten.
 Note:For any reason the product is out of stock, an alternative will be provided. 
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