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Crodino Aperitivo 4pk

Crodino Aperitivo 4pk

Crodino Aperitivo 4pk

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The non-alcoholic Italian aperitivo with a multilayered taste that will surprise you. It’s a sip of Italian lifestyle since the ‘60s, a glimpse of a mediterranean late afternoon. Crodino is created with an infusion of spices, woods, roots and herbs, resulting in a complex, interesting taste. Rich, in a word.

Infusing the finest botanicals up to 6 months to bring out the best of Crodino.

Coming in at 95points at the IWSC, this is definitely on the radar. 

Unmistakable and unique taste with its lively bubbles, opening with citrusy and distinctive orange notes. Intriguing bittersweetness leading to spicy and complex notes.

After taste:
A surprisingly long-lasting aftertaste with a citrusy, spicy, herbal and woody finish appealing to an adult refined palate


Product of Italy

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