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Giesen NV 0% Riesling

Giesen NV 0% Riesling

Giesen NV0% Riesling

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First New Zealand Riesling by Giesen. 


Selecting fruit from vineyards in Marlborough and Waipara.

Marlborough brings citrus flavour to the wine and Waipara fruit gives
us floral characters to ensure a beautiful, structural Riesling.

How I taste
This alcohol-removed Riesling features notes of lime, citrus blossom and
elderflower on the nose. The palate offers lively and refreshing Riesling
characters, with zingy lime, ripe mandarin and delicious sweetness, all
balanced by crisp acidity. Perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and
family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.


How I’m Made
We create premium, full-strength New Zealand Riesling, before using
advanced spinning cone technology to gently remove first the aroma, and
then the alcohol. We collect the delicate aroma and recombine it with the


The finished product is a refreshing, off-dry style of non-alcoholic
Riesling wine with low calories.


Produce of New Zealand, Marlborough.

22 Calories per Serve

Gluten Free 

Alcohol/Volume <0.5% • pH 3.05 • TA 6.8g/l • Residual Sugar 50g/l

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