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Leitz Eins-Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling

Leitz Eins-Zwei Zero Sparkling Riesling

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

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FIRST Non - Alcoholic Riesling available at Sip & Enjoy in 2022.

One of the best seller in Riesling.

The award Winning Wine -  Leitz Eins Zwei. 

Featured in the New York Times, Johannes Leitz has introduced alcohol-free to his repertoire. his golden yellow Riesling is earthy on the nose with subtle hints of rhubarb and red apples with an underlying mineral base.

With notes of lime and citrus this wine is well balanced and clean on the palate.

Alcohol 0.0% ABV

Vegan Friendly

Product of Germany.


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