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Mornington Free Non - Alc XPA

Mornington Free Non - Alc XPA

Mornington Free - Non Alc Pale Ale

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Following on from the non-alc pale ale that debuted in late 2020.

What largely separates the two beers is Non-Alc XPA’s substantial new world hop punch, while it’s also the leaner of the pair which makes it quite snugly resemble many modern XPAs on the market.

The alcohol-free drop is big on citrus, flitting between mandarin and grapefruit, while pineapple and passionfruit closely follow behind. Balancing bitterness can be a tricky part when designing such beers, with the risk of developing astringency or offering nothing on that front, but here you'll find one that cuts through any sweetness and refreshes the palate.

 Product of Australia.

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