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Next Destination

Next Destination Shiraz 2019

Next Destination Shiraz 2019

Next Destination 2019 Shiraz

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Introducing The Next destination.

2019 . Barossa Valley. Grapes - SA

Sourced from premium vineyards in the Barossa Valley. 

The Next Destination 2019 Barossa Valley Shiraz started as a premium alcoholic Shiraz, selected for its exceptional vintage and varietal.

Deliciously Good as it can be for a Non Alc Red Wine - Shiraz.

Dark chocolate and rich berry are there but it is dry and tannic and new french oak.

It is dry, with no sweetness and has velvety smooth, complex layered tannins. 


Low in Sugar.

Cals per 100ml - 21 Cal

Carbs per 100ml - 5g

Sugar per 100ml - 2.5g


Product of Australia


Now available in Store and Online


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