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Songbird Premium Reserve Shiraz

Songbird Premium Reserve Shiraz

Songbird Premium Reserve Shiraz

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Songbird wine is made from premium full strength wine made from South Australian grapes before the alcohol is gently removed. 


A premium reserve de-alcoholised Shiraz from South Australia.

Dry, full flavoured displaying rich notes of plum, red berries and soft tannins.

With subtle hints of vanilla and spice and a smooth finish.

Less than 0.5% alc vol. 29 calories per 100ml. Carbohydrate 4g per 100ml.

Contains sulphates

Made in South Australia from premium grapes.



How to enjoy a Non Alcoholic Red Wine - 

To enjoy a Red Wine, give it some time to oxidise and aerate. This enables the flavour to open up. 

You can drink this one in 1 hour. Which is fantastic. 


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