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Summer Wine and Spritz Bundle

Summer Wine and Spritz Bundle

Summer Wine and Spritz Bundle

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We have curated this Summer Pack for everyone to enjoy throughout the day.

Refreshing Bundle full of Sparkling Spritz, Wine, Citrus, Fruity and Dry Notes.  

1 x Plus Minus Premium Label Blanc De Noir 

When we here a corked pop, it's a sign of celebration. The Blanc De Noir.

Is made with premium Pinot Noir grapes, this wine is bursting with red fruit aromas.


1 x Chardonnay B1654 Vintage 2021 

A well balanced of flavours of what a chardonnay is. 
What makes this a Good Chardonnay is the Oak. The oak provides the dryness on the middle and back palate.

Recommended: Slightly Chilled. 


1 x Tread Softly Everything Except  Pinot Grigio

A beautiful Pinot Grigio that displays aromas of pear and cut apple with bright citrus notes.

1 x Home Grown Spritz 

Orange and Mandarin flavours - light and easy drinking. I call it the premium lemon lime bitters.


A great Mixer:
For Negroni and Spritz  lovers. All you need is these 2 and a slice of orange to garnish. 

1 x Sunny Arvo  Organic No Aperitivo 
2 x 450ml Strangelove Light Tonic





Produced of Australia

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