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White Wine 6pk Bundle

White Wine 6pk Bundle

Non Alcoholic White Wine 6pk Bundle

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The White Wine Bundle 

Summer/Spring of 22 & 23

Curated for White Wine Lover's! 

This bundle includes: 

1 x Wolf Blass Sauv Blanc ZERO
Made in Australia
* Don't let the name detur you! By far this is Rated at 4 stars

1 x Giesen Pinot Gris
Made in New Zealand
*Favourite Sip - deliciously bright and tasty

1 x Pure Vision - Organic Chardonnay
Made in Australia
* First Impression: Light! Charddy... Needs to be slightly chilled*

1 x Tread Softly Gently removed - Pinot Grigio
Made in Australia
*Deliciously Good

1 x Sobriety Society Blanc De Blanc * Out of Stock October23. Replaced with B1654 Sparkling) 
Made in Australia
* Light and Crisp
Rated 4 stars by Wine/ Non Wine/ Sober Curious individuals

1 x Plus & Minus Prosecco (*Out of stock October23. Replaced with Tread Softly Prosecco)
Made in Australia 

*The favourite of them All*  Pop the bottle and just Enjoy 
4 star rating


For Any reason we are out of stock, will provide an alternative



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